The Church Historically Traced

The Church Historically Traced
Designed and drawn by Burton W. Barber
Updated by: Charles Dailey – 2006
Computer Aided Design by: James Alocelja – 2013

Im so amazed by this infographic designed by Burton W. Barber updated by Charles Dailey which is very compact, precised, summarized history of the original Church built by Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:18)
Since the Original version is hand drawn when I decided to print it out to large format printer the resolution will become blurred so I decided to computerized the Design and make it available also for Download.
So that the information of the History will be passed to another generation.

Here is the link to the original version with specific Explanation.

And Here is my Computer Aided Design Version:
Click the Image to enlarge

The Church Historically traced

Church Historically Traced

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